• Forum: Erbay Yucak, İrfan Aktan, Mehmet Onur Yılmaz, Oktay İnce, Artıkişler Collective
  • Dates: 4 June 2014 - 14 June 2014
Exhibition & Discussion: Surplus of Istanbul

Video and Photography Exhibition and Forum: Surplus of Istanbul

4 - 14 June 2014

Sunday 8 June, 16:30 
Forum: Erbay Yucak, İrfan Aktan, Mehmet Onur Yılmaz, Artıkişler Collective

"In Istanbul average waste per person per day is more than 1 kilogram. People living in this city produce approximately 20 thousand tons of waste every day. In an infinite loop, while processed stuff transform into raw material, raw material turn into processed goods, city dwellers leave their trace in the city through their waste, even without willing to do so." 

Surplus of Istanbul follows the waste disposed/left on the streets by camera and focuses on the daily lives of people picking waste and the urban spaces where they work. 
Videograms trace the ways in which waste pickers are included in Istanbul's rapidly changing urban space. On the other hand it forms an alignment of memory with the videos produced before 2013. Through an all set camera, the effects of diverse but interrelated issues such as urban transformation, safety at work, child labor, ethnic identity, migration and homeland, football and local elections on the lives of waste pickers are seen and made visible. It looks at many different places in the city through the eyes of these people. It produces a visual memory at the intersection of shared issues of environmental waste, labour conditions and identities of immigrants. 
Exhibited photographs, starting from the recycling of paper etc. but often returning to that same theme, aim to focus on a social transformation. On one side it looks at the transformation of land and economics and the landscape it depreciates while transforming, on the other it points to possibility of people giving rise to a social transformation parallel to a political process incorporating the surplus space.

Videos: Artıkişler collective 
Photographs: Ali Saltan 
Exhibition Design: Yelta Köm and Artıkişler 
Project supported by: Sivil Düşün EU Program

For the last ten years, Artıkişler video collective has been following the daily lives and struggles of waste pickers from the perspective of urban resistance, labor movements and video activism through active archiving, in cities such as Ankara and Istanbul.