• Dates: 8 July 2017 - 6 August 2017
Exhibition: Echo of Homs

Those who know Homs must have noticed that it is an old historical city and has a moderate geographical climate. Homs connects Damascus, the capital of the South, and Aleppo, the capital of the North. As its coastal plain opens westwards to the Levant and connects to Damascus countryside, the city has a mild climate. This might have affected the people of Homs as they are characterized as being temperate according to accounts of many historians. The characteristic have contributed  to the Syrian culture as moderation and humour. In recent years it has been named the capital of the revolution, but whoever knows Homs will say it is the heart of Syria. This exhibition is just an attempt to express that love for Homs.

The exhibition "Echo of Homs" offers an opportunity for getting to know the social, cultural and artistic life of the city and for investigating its cultural heritage. Through the photographs of historic and symbolic sites and a selection of works by artists from Homs, as well as other activities it involves the show aims to cultivate a familiarity with the city, its people and their traditions. 


In collaboration with Kaleemat Art Gallery and SIMAT-Syrians for Cultural Heritage


Participants: Abdulkader Azzouz, Gassan Al-Nana, Aoun Droubi, Abdılla Mourad, Edward Shahda, Rabi Akhras, Samer Huwaija, Mahmoud Sheikhani, Karam Matouk, Abdullah Obeid, Abdulrazzak Shabllot, Afaf Kharma, Boushra Moustafa, Mahmoud Dayoub, Eyad Dayoub, Ahmad Al-Dulli, Bahazat Sulaiman, Mohammad Alaaedin Abdul Moula, Nidaa Dandachi, Abdulkarim Omaren, Hassan Saleh, Souad Jarrous, Prof.Dr.Stefan Weber, Al-Waer Graphic theam, Malaz Dagistani.


Exhibition coordination: Nashwa Hamdoun


Texts: Rim Lababidi, Lina Az-Zakaimi


Translations: Biladussam translation office


Film: Guest: Najati Tayyara, Camera: David Owen, Editing: Adib Hariri


Photographers: Lens Young Homsi group, Abdullaziz Droubi, Oday Al-Basha


Thanks: Salam Al-Kuntar, Mariam Bachich, Dr. Abdulrazzak Tayyara