Red Thread: new e-journal issue

Red Thread: new e-journal issue

The third issue of Red Thread, a critical e-journal on arts and politics, is now online.

Our aim in this issue edited by Meltem Ahıska and Erden Kosova is to concentrate on the current problems of disprivileged socialties in the region the journal focuses on in relation to their strategies of survival and their struggle against dominant politics of visibility and representation; and to try to rethink the contact between these groups and artistic and activist practices.

For the launch of the new issue a panel discussion with authors Angela Harutyunyan and Banu Karaca was organized.

Saturday, 12 November, 18:30

Cezayir Restaurant second floor

Angela Harutyunyan
‘Geopolitics of Desire and Some Alternative Artistic Strategies’
Banu Karaca
‘When Duty Calls…: Questions of Sensitivity and Responsibility in Light of the Tophane Events’

Erden Kosova

Cover Image:
‘Çocukların dilinde Zaferin adı’ (The name of Victory in children’s language), one-act operetta, 2010, Gülsuyu-Gülensu
Etcetera… (Federico Zukerfeld, Loreto Garin Guzman)
Courtesy: Cultural Agencies and Etcetera Archives