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Spectrography – Tracing the Ghosts

14/03/2015 @ 11:00 - 12/04/2015 @ 17:00

15 March – 12 April 2015

Artists: Anna Barseghian, Stefan Kristensen, Uriel Orlow,
Méliné Ter Minassian (performance)

Performance: Güle Is Very Beautiful, Ter Minassian & Barseghian, 19:00

This collaborative exhibition by Anna Barseghian, Stefan Kristensen and Uriel Orlow is the outcome of an intense dialogue among the artists on the memory and the wounds of Armenian history, and of a common trip to Southeastern Turkey.

Photographs and video works which explore a haunted territory, intend to make the absence of the disappeared visible in landscapes and ruins. By relating to people, listening to the silences of their words, and the expressions on their faces, the works allow untimely memories to emerge at a turning of a path, on the side of a mountain, and in the radiance of a face.

Barseghian and Kristensen visiting the villages of their grandparents try to trace the Armenian presence in these places. They listen to the story of Gülizar, whose name has become a symbol of resistance among both Armenians and Kurds. Ter Minassian and Barseghian will be performing their relation to the story of this legendary character. Orlow’s videos bring together the hometown of homeless ghosts, Moosh, and a housing project with the same name in Northern Armenia which is left in an incomplete ghostly state, and also look at the ruins of old Armenian monsatery Surp Garabed and the new habitation that emerged on the site.

Arménouhie Kévonian’s book Gülizar’ın Kara Düğünü [Black Wedding of Gülizar] published by Aras Publishing will also be launched during the exhibition opening.

2015 Exhibition Program of DEPO is being realized in cooperation with Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.



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Gülizar’ın kara düğünü

Gülizar diye bir ayna

‘Gülizar’ın hikâyesi kadınları yakınlaştırıyor’


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14/03/2015 @ 11:00
12/04/2015 @ 17:00
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