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03/06/2009 @ 11:00 - 21/06/2009 @ 17:00

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3 – 21 June 2009

a77 art collective is collaborating with 3 artists from Mardin in the contemporary art event titled ‘yerolmayan’ organized at DEPO between 3-25 June. 14 artists participated in the realization of the project composed of 19 works including 10 video screenings, 1 video installation, 7 digital prints and 1 installation.

a 77 art collective started working together in April 2005, after collaborating in an event titled antiocheia/antiochhia/antakya, where they stated that the interaction between the viewer and the so called ‘ordinary’ perceptions/sensations of everyday life is more powerful and has a larger transformative potential than the interaction between the viewer and refined artistic imagery. In the International Antakya Contemporary Art Meeting organized with 42 artists in May 2006, the collective experienced the dynamism of contemporary art forms and their contestable limits inside an urban environment. Artists from İstanbul, Bodrum, Adana, France and Canada who volunteered to participate in the event came together far away from national/international circulation of capital. The collective continues to work in Antakya and plans to collaborate with artists living in countries in the region south of Turkey in 2010 and 2011.

In the exhibition ‘yerolmayan’ artists approach the concept ‘topos’ from different perspectives. The common thread connecting all are contemporary political questions. A search for a ‘topos’ beyond historical and geographical determinations (alternatives to stabilizing and fatal topos fixed with the codes of power) informs the works. Every work confronts the peremptory, totalitarian and authoritarian gesture of the usher.

Artists: a77 Art Collective Antakya – Kızıltepe: Melih Apa, Nebi Atay, M. Said Aydın, M. Hakan Bitmez, M. Ali Bozan, Mehmet Çeper, M. Hasan Demirci, Volkan Eray, Mehmet Fahracı, Emrah Gökdemir, Cüneyt Kurt, Seher Kurt, Fatih Tan, Ediz Yenmiş

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Antakyalı Güncel Sanatçılar Depo’da

Yersizliğin koordinatlarını bulanlar
Radikal Cumartesi

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03/06/2009 @ 11:00
21/06/2009 @ 17:00
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