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Geniş Açı – From the Magazine to the Project Office

18/10/2018 - 07/11/2018

18 October – 7 November 2018

Depo will host Geniş Açı Project Office [GAPO] with a selection of works from previous projects and a series of conversations in various formats. After the ten-year long history of the Geniş Açı Photography Magazine, Geniş Açı Project Office came to life in 2007. Together with the magazine, the project office has been trying to create an alternative platform for photography in Turkey over the past twenty years. GAPO is organizing, taking part in, coordinating short- and long-term workshops, discovery projects that aim to foster new talents and portfolio reviews through collaborations with institutions from Turkey and abroad and experts from other fields. These events have created a sharing and thinking environment that could be considered as an alternative education model, which focuses on new and collective production and aims to do capacity building for photographers.

“Geniş Açı – From the Magazine to the Project Office” will include two previous exhibition projects, “Visual Narratives: European Borderlines” and “Neighbourhood”, that were organized by GAPO but either have never been shown in Istanbul or only shown in cultural centers in the periphery. These pieces will be accompanied by a slideshow projection titled “Emerging Photography from Turkey”. A part of the first-floor exhibition space will serve as a reading corner with past issues of Geniş Açı Photography Magazine, publications from the projects and workshops GAPO has organized, articles GAPO team has contributed to local and international publications, as well as posters, print-outs and photos from GAPO’s various activities.

This reading corner will also bring together the GAPO team with the visitors who want to show their portfolios, get feedback or have discussions every Wednesday afternoon. Also, during the three weeks duration of the exhibition, a series of conversations and artist talks will be held. With the intention of continuing them in the future, these gatherings aim to discuss about and share thoughts on the art of photography.

As a part of the Portable Art project under the 2010 Istanbul European Capital of Culture Program GAPO has departed from a simple question such as “How do you define your neighborhood?” and invited six photographers who live in six different neighbourhoods of Istanbul. They asked them to photographically question the term neighbourhood in places they live, not only through its social elements but also through its architectural and physical implications such as urbanization. This project which has been shown in 2009 at cultural centers in Tuzla, Kartal and Eyüp, and now will be exhibited again, this time at a more central location almost after a decade. As an addition, for this extended version, more than 10 photographers were asked to contribute to the project by producing new works in the different neighbourhoods they live. These photographs produced within the scope of 15 days will be exhibited alongside a selection of pieces that were produced in the workshops conducted with the locals of the three neighbourhoods that hosted the exhibitions in 2009.

Visual Narratives: European Borderlines
Another project that will be exhibited in Istanbul for the first time is Visual Narratives: European Borderlines which GAPO has organized from 2011 to 2012 in collaboration with institutions from Latvia, Iceland and Portugal that are located in the other corners of Europe. The final work represents a coming together, through their seperate and shared experiences, of 12 photographers from these 4 countries, who have crossed borders both physical and cultural to create a collection of visual narratives from the countries and people standing on the edges of Europe. After its presentations in Bursa and Diyarbakır, this exhibition will be shown in Istanbul for the first time.

Emerging Photography from Turkey
Emerging Photography from Turkey is a 20-minute-long slide projection that was organized in 2009 by GAPO and the Italian curator Laura Serani for the Fotografia Europea festival in Reggio Emilia in Italy. The slide projection includes works by five prominent Turkish photographers of that time and the sound design was made by Okay Karadayılar. This projection will also be screened in Istanbul for the first time.

Conversation series
One of the most important components of Geniş Açı – From the Magazine to the Project Office will be the series of conversations that will take place every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon during the course of the exhibition. With the intention of continuing these series in the future, each conversation will follow a different format and aim to foster a healthy and broad environment for dialogue in Turkey’s photography scene.

20 October, Saturday, 17:00: A panel discussion will be held with artists that participated in the Neighborhood project in 2009 and its extended version at Depo, and will be moderated by the critic / curator Ezgi Bakçay, discussing in detail the concept of neighborhood in Istanbul and the particular works in the exhibition.

24 October, Wednesday, 18:30: ‘Between young talents’ series aims to bring together artists -who have participated in the four editions of ‘Young Talents in Photography’ discovery project that has been iniated by Geniş Açı- with younger talents whose photographic works, methods and approaches they are curious about. In the first of this series, Ali Taptık from the 2004 edition will be in conversation with Kıvılcım Güngörün.

27 October, Saturday, 17:00: ‘From today to yesterday’ series will be inviting an artist who has an ongoing project, exhibition or a recently published book to talk about his / her current and previous works. The first of the series will host Osman Bozkurt, who currently has a solo exhibition titled ‘Upside Down’ at Daire Sanat.

31 October, Wednesday, 18:30: ‘What are they doing now?’ series will invite artists who haven’t been active for a while and whose current projects people are curious about. The first of the series will host Emine Ceylan to talk about her practice from the past to date, as well as her ongoing unseen projects.

3 November, Saturday, 17:00: ‘Ambiguous boundaries’ series will bring together a photographer with an artist from another field. The first of the series will bring together Ege Kanar and Yasemin Özcan, they will be talking about each other’s practices, as well as exchanging ideas regarding photography practices of today and the ambiguous boundaries between different fields.

7 November, Wednesday, 18:30: GAPO team will present their projects up to date and end the exhibition with a Q&A session and a closing reception.


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