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Cabaret Muse Me

07/03/2010 @ 10:00 - 17:00

7 March 2010

Cabaret Muse Me invites you skating through dimensions …

on the 7th of March 2010, Sunday

19:30-20:30 (DEPO – İstanbul); 12:30-13:30 (CPR & Splatterpool – NY)


Cabaret Muse Me recounts a story of love and sharing above the clouds, and psychic connectivity beyond time and space, looking for fresher ways of being: SHARING

The story follows a crash, a time of crises, and a rexamining of notions – to see that we are all one – and as one, to come out from the dark and act – for each one of us ( muse me ) affects / inspires another in micro activity to change macro destiny …

Written in the fall of 2008, cabaret muse me examines crises as personal and communal, economical and ecological, and it’s onset as an advocation of examining new measures / methods of being…

Sharing of food becomes the main ingredient, as the onset of the recession in Europe and the US in the fall of 2008, reminded that there was more to interaction then expression alone, and the performance is scheduled for a lunch time performance in the US in order to be able to invite homeless / people in need of food to the performance, as well as the integration of art in daily life ( ART FOR LUNCH ! )

Internet was chosen as a means of production, enabling collaboration with people all over the world, without utilizing aeroplanes, saving the skies, the eco-system, and producing a large performance in times of recession.


Cabaret Muse Me is a simulcast contempo cabaret, broadcast thru the web and created and performed in 3 spaces, in Istanbul & New York & WWW. “Hiding in the Dark” is the second of 7 episodes, each performed consecutively, in the end to be performed as a single matinee in 2010/2011.

A dance takes place in an embryonic loci, at CPR, Center for Performance Research, from where it is broadcast via internet to SPLATTERPOOL in NY and DEPO in IST, interacting with visuals and music on the way. A dinner is served, and the audience are the performers…

Video and Photography of the process of the performances will be documented for a future exhibition.


The audiences interact by sharing the same food, and visions and music…

Two characters counteract, a 1930’s cabaret charater, versus a surreal contemporary connectivity character.

Cabaret Muse Me tackles subjects of space & time, and the reordering of notions of private/public

with a call for transparency and immediacy .. as veils begin to rise …

When technology begins to mirror our psyche’s …

An increased connectivity mirroring psychic connectivity in the public realm, is creating a dichotomy of views

– the parallel existances of “magic” and “transparency”.

CABARET muse me ADVOCATES a peaceful acceptance of information technology as a world of sharing without veils, and the parallel existance of magic and transparency …. inviting you to come and dine, share food, music, visions and song…


Overture / “Crash”

Recital “Tree of Heaven”

Theme 1 “Hiding in the Dark”

Theme 2 “Supermarket Song”

Ornamentation of “Hiding in the Dark” …

TIME/SPACE ( X,Y) in New York and Istanbul

New York

12:30 – 13:30

CPR ( broadcast loci )

/ Center for Performance Research ( Broadcast Loci )

361 Manhattan Avenue, Unit 1

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Splatterpool ( broadcast loci, installation, food performance )


138 Bayard Street, Ground Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11222


19:30 – 20:30

DEPO ( installation, broadcast, food, performance )

/Tütün Deposu Lüleci Hendek Caddesi No.12

Tophane 34425 İstanbul

Text and Performance: Gul Kozacioglu

Installation: Kelly Armendariz


DEVELOPED & PRODUCED with the kind support of

Center for Performance Research









Cabaret Muse Me is developed in collaboration with Splatterpool.

Gul Kozacioglu – WORDS ABOUT WORK

Gul Kozacioglu has been working in the public sphere since 2001 with music, dance, exhibitions, performances and actions. She has worked within visual and aural media, utilizing photography and video in installations, performances, music events and music videos. As a performance artist, she focuses on dance and initiates situations which wish to dissolve the dichotomy of artist and audience. A collaborative practice, instigated during the process of her exhibition of the same name, CELEBRATION / CELEB-RATION, in 2006, creates through commitment with varying individuals of different backgrounds and projects to bring together usually uncombined media for public works; for-example information technology, dance and public screens in her 2008 / 2009 SMS LOVE performance. With some of her instigations spanning 30 – 50 collaborators from around the world, CELEBRATION / CELEB RATION projects are generated through community solidarity and communal consciousness. – a community based process.

Her artistic practice has revolved around concepts of private and public, and time and space as emotional notions as well as architectural spaces or dimensions. She began exhibiting and creating performances in public space, in areas which were not necessarily designated spaces for exhibitions. From this she used the notions of private and public as subject and technique for performance exhibitions. These performances/happenings evolved into a collaborative practice, creating and presenting with open doors to process policy in the public space, bringing the artist and audience together in the creation of the work.

Gul Kozacioglu believes in the role of creativity and solidarity within society to promote understanding, and she has utilized guerilla information and gossip media flows to create a community of creators and participants in her projects which are spurred by actions, events and calls of pertinence in social life .Her works are at an evolutionary point where happenings, performance and interactivity meet.


Gul Kozacioglu is based in New York, with inspirational working periods in Istanbul, Copenhagen, Berlin & Paris. She was born in Ankara, Turkey, yet raised in Denmark with extensive travelling periods around Europe due to the political views of her family. These led to a prohibition of their entry to Turkey and an eventual loss of citizenship. She first visited Turkey in her late teens, and stayed to incorporate the culture to her experiences whilst studing Philosophy at Bosphorus University, and later Philosophy of Design at METU. Her work carries a sense of dislocation and a wish to step above notions of nationality, space and time, and often utilizes a visually fantastic language even their dealings with daily life subjects like crises, censorship and racism. Her works are often based on a sense of constant change and universal one-ness.

Now, presenting CABARET MUSE ME, as an open doors/open process simulcast performance project of 7 episodes presented consecutively utilizing internet broadcast.

She is also currently working on the instigation of a new creative space for art and performances, SPLATTERPOOL, in Brooklyn, NY.

SMS LOVE, is in re-development to be exhibited using different technology/methods in 2011.

CABARET MUSE ME & SMS LOVE have been developed with the support of DEPO and PTT film

to learn more :



10:00 - 17:00
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Depo İstanbul
DEPO / Tütün Deposu Lüleci Hendek Caddesi No.12 Tophane
İstanbul, 34425 Turkey
+90 (212) 292 39 56 - 57