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GRANDCHILDREN, New Geographies of Belonging

08/10/2015 @ 11:00 - 27/10/2015 @ 17:00

8 – 27 October 2015

a solo dance performance by Jasmin İhraç
08.10.2015 | 20:00
Salon IKSV | Şişhane Sk. No: 5, Şişhane

iz (turk.) = trace, imprint, track, shimmer izle= following the trace also imperative of: to follow, to detect, to seek, to observe, to watch, to spectate, to look on.
I set off to find out what is said and not said in my own family and within the German-Turkish-Armenian web of relations. This account is about suspicions, about unknown places that seem familiar and about things we know but cannot fully grasp. What does to remember mean? From Kayseri, Istanbul, Beirut, London and Berlin I constructed my own narrative: a movement setting.
Choreography/dance: Jasmin İhraç
Technics: Efe Sümer
Thanks to: Wanda Golonka, Lidy Mouw, Contemporary Arts Alliance Berlin (CAA), mimecentrum berlin e.V.
Foto: Dieter Harwig, 2013

a performance by Talin Büyükkürkciyan
10.10.2015 | 20:00
DEPO | Lüleci Hendek cad. No:12, Tophane

There are three characters entering the space, not knowing where they are. They are feeling uncanny, feeling strange but they exist in there. Will they be able to make the space their own or leave it as it is and go away?
Choreography: Talin Büyükkürkciyan Demirci
Story written by: Canberk Karaçay, Gülce Oral, Talin Büyükkürkciyan Demirci
Dancers: Hüseyin Korkma, Gülce Oral, Talin Büyükkürkciyan Demirci
Music: Özgür Yılmaz and Kristina Golubkova

a dance/performance by
Silvina Der-Meguerditchian and Jasmin İhrac
11.10.2015 | 19:00
Jewish Bakery | Şair Ziya Paşa Yokuşu, No: 13/A, Kuledibi and DEPO | Lüleci Hendek cad. No:12, Tophane

Mj’asin is the Armenian word for “together”. The visual artist Silvina Der-Meguerditchian and the choreographer and dancer Jasmin İhraç embark on a search for what supposedly connects them: their Armenian roots. Walking through tradition and history, they come upon blind spots, absence and loss. Their unusual play with traditional symbols, techniques and folk dances invariably makes a connection to the present: will yesterday’s community remain today’s yearning?
Mj’asin is a production by Kultursprünge at Ballhaus Nauynnstraße gemeinnützige GmbH. The first production was funded by the intercultural project funding of the Land of Berlin. INSTALLATIONS AND PERFORMANCE: Silvina Der-Meguerditchian, CHOREOGRAPHY: Jasmin İhraç, ASSISTANCE IN CHOREOGRAPHY: Tümay Kılınçel, Julia Schunevitsch, DANCE AND PERFORMANCE: Jasmin İhraç, Tümay Kılınçel, Raisa Kröger, COMPOSITIONS by: Hanan EL Shamouty, Dzovinar Mikirditsian, DRAMATUGY: Lidy Mouw.

Mj’asin has two parts: The first one takes place at Hamursuz Fırını / Kuledibi (from 19:00 till 19:40) and the second at DEPO / Tophane after the public walk together to there (from 20:00 till 20:30).

a documentary by Silvina Der-Meguerditchian
and Çağla İlk
27.10.2015 | 19:00
Pera Museum | Meşrutiyet Caddesi No.65
34443 Tepebaşı – Beyoğlu

NEREYE? reveals the complexities of recovering memory in today´s Fener and Balat, two neighbourhoods with a rich tradition of multicultural life situated on the shores of the Golden Horn in Istanbul. Giving voice to present inhabitants of Fener and Balat and making visible traces of former neighbours the film intent to document the erased memory of an urban space that is in process to be re-erased again.
DIRECTOR Silvina Der-Meguerditchian CONCEPT & PRODUCTION Çağla İlk PROTAGONISTS Garbis Horasancyan, Robert Elmas, Agni Nikolaidu, Ersin Kalkan, Hasan Hacar, Saadet Eroğlu CINEMATOGRAPHER Sergio Gazzera SECOND CAMERA Héctor Gonzalez EDITING Silvina Der-Meguerditchian ART Silvina Der-Meguerditchian OFF VOICE: Pinar Erincin, TEXT Marc Wrasse MUSIC: Louis Sclavis, Didier Laloy, SOUND: İlkin Kitapçı, RESEARCH & ASSISTANCE: Güleren Eren, Urszula Wozniak, Zeynep Titizer


08/10/2015 @ 11:00
27/10/2015 @ 17:00
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