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Date: 7 June 2011
Time: 19:30

In the presentation the artist Sandra Schäfer will present her artistic practice. Sandra Schäfer has previously dealt with themes of representation of gender, urbanity and (post-) colonialism. Schäfer has made repeated visits to Kabul and Tehran since 2002. She has been involved in different collaborative projects with filmmakers, activists and theoreticians in Afghanistan, as well as Iran, Spain, Great Britain and Germany including installations, film festivals, books and exhibitions. She will show amongst others clips from Passing the Rainbow, a film on which she collaborated with Elfe Brandenburger. The film deals with performative strategies to undermine the rigid gender norms in Afghan society: on the level of cinematographic stagings, in political work and in everyday life.

The presentation will be followed by the screening of the film Passing the Rainbow at 19:30.

Passing the Rainbow
by Sandra Schäfer & Elfe Brandenburger
71′, FRG 2007

Protagonists: Aiqela Rezaie, Roya Fahim, Anonymous Figure, Hamida Refah, Nursia Anjomodin, Zobaida Sahar, Samat Sahar, Saba Sahar, Breshna Bahar, Malek_a, Sakina Habib-zada, Marina Golbahari, Nilab, Razi Mohebi, Khaleda Forogh, Girls’ Theatre Group (Amina, Homeira, Roya, Tamana, Zobaida)

The directors show excerpts of films from the history of Afghan cinema, accompany the actresses during shooting and stage new scenes together with them. Passing the Rainbow is a film staging scenes from the actresses’ daily life, reflecting on gender relations and opening new areas of action in fiction.

Sandra Schäfer

The artist, filmmaker and writer is located in Berlin. She works with video and photography and combines both media within her installations. Since January 2011 Sandra Schäfer lives and works in Istanbul with Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs scholarship. The scholarship is mentored by BM contemporary Art Center 1995. Currently she works on the video installation on the set of 1979ff.



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