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Compulsory Military Service and Voluntary objection


30 May 2013

We will be discussing compulsory military service, through the documentary “Eğitim Zayiatı” (Collateral Damage of Education) which focuses on suspicious deaths in military quarters and the book “Asker Doğmayanlar” (Born Not To Be A Soldier) which documents accounts of 14 conscientious objectors who oppose all institutions of militarism.

Documentary: Collateral Damage of Education

Director-Camera-Photography: Anıl Çizmecioğlu
Duration: 50’ 24”
Year of Production: 2013
Language: Turkish, Kurdish (Kurmanci)
Subtitle: English, Turkish
In Turkey tens of young men die suspiciously due to declared causes such as accident, fighting and suicide while serving in compulsory military system. The documentary tells the troubles families go through in their search for justice and various findings which deepen the susupicion about their sons’ death.
Stories of Adil Şipal, Cemal Timur, Davut Yıldırım, Murat Oktay Can, Nesim Tarhan, Serhat Yıldız, Sevag Şahin Balıkçı, Taner Deş, Uğur Kantar and Volkan Kamalak are told.

Discussion: Pınar Öğünç, “Nobody Is Born As A Soldier”

In this country conscientious objectors bear themselves against compulsory military service and every other area where militarism has firmly settled in, with a political statement which changes their lives dramatically. Öğünç’s book “Asker Doğmayanlar” (published by Hrant Dink Foundation) is based upon long interviews carried out with 14 conscientious objectors and aims to remind a basic truth: Nobody is born as a soldier.
Now it’s their turn to speak: Tayfun Gönül, Vedat Zencir, Yuri, Mehmet Tarhan, İnci Ağlagül, Halil Savda, Ferda Ülker, Enver Aydemir, İnan Mayıs Aru, İnan Suver, Muhammed Serdar Delice, İlyada Erkuş, Hayri Kamalak, Kemal Acar and Merve Arkun.


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