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Second Edition accompanied by Diyarbekiri Hokin

10/06/2020 @ 12:00 - 04/07/2020 @ 18:00

10 June – 4 July 2020

Participating Artists: Bahar Tokur, Ceylan Çiftçi, Evindar Tokur, Lütfü İrdem, Nadan Özcan, Rıdvan Kuday and Zelal Özkan

Co-curators: Dicle Beştaş and Misal Adnan Yıldız

Opening Program / 21 February 2020

17:30 Film Screening: Garod | Onnik Dinkjian, Directors: Onur Günay and Burcu Yıldız, 2009

Discussion Program / 22 February 2020

16:00 Talk: Paracuratorial Ping-Pong: libido, parasite and the cure, Dicle Beştaş and Misal Adnan Yıldız

17:30 Discussion: “Let me open the door to your soul (hokin)”. Artist talk with the moderation of Fulya Erdemci and Mehtap Baydu

A4 Açık Sanat Alanı (A4 Open Space For Art) an artist initiative from Diyarbakır, brings its collaborative production and presentation experience to Istanbul. The questions emerged during a workshop titled Diyarbakır Peşrevi (Diyarbakır Prelude) which commenced last summer with the support of Spaces of Culture, have defined the content of the special issue Beraber ve Solo (Together and Solo) produced in collaboration with the local newspaper Tigris, as well as the framework of the presentations and events held in last November and December. As an exhibition, Together and Solo, accompanied by Diyarbakır Peşrevi, was proposed to imagine Amed as an open workshop, artist studio, a place for production and thinking together.

For the occasion of an exhibition in Istanbul, while revisiting this collective work, which was produced in its own city, displayed in its own space and was collaboratively dispersed throughout the city, A4 starts out with the following question: From Diyarbakır to Istanbul (two cities 1,448.5 km apart), from an artist initiative to a non-profit art institution, from an apartment building that is shared with neighbours to an art space which was converted from a warehouse, from a studio space to a white cube, by reimagining and installing an exhibition what kind of a ground for conversation about the audience, context and the content to be developed can be made possible?

For the Istanbul alteration, contrary to the most common editorial decisions where second editions are thicker, bulkier and expanded compared to the first ones, the co-curators prefer to go “reduced” and propose a site-specific exhibition design. They approach the artistic projects in relation with the new conditions, architecture and context, within their own research and development processes. The title, as it did for the edition at A4, again gives reference to the great musician Onnik Dinkjian and this time to the very last song from his album Armenian Songs of Diyarbakır, Diyarbekiri Hokin…The exhibition process is imagined as a road story that can be both cheerful and gloomy at once, as a time bridge which takes only an hour to listen to but a lifetime to produce, as an open-ended script.

A4 Open Space for Art is a non-profit art initiative run by Rıdvan Kuday ve Aziz Tilki.

Image: Ceylan Çiftçi, “Dicle koruğu”, 2019

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10/06/2020 @ 12:00
04/07/2020 @ 18:00
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