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Tempo Incognito Talks II

15/04/2021 @ 18:00 - 21:00

15 April 2021, Thursday, 6 pm

In the second programme of the talks series as part of the exhibition Tempo Incognito: On Flows, Rhythm and MovementBurçak Bingöl & Fatih AltuğDeniz Üster & Gürçim Yılmaz and Linda Bolsakova & Gökhan Deniz will talk about the interdisciplinary approaches and collaborations in the creation of the works in the exhibition. Exhibition’s curator Rana Öztürk will be moderating the conversations.

Burçak Bingöl (Istanbul) & Fatih Altuğ (Istanbul) – The Strata and Flora of the City
Artist Burçak Bingöl and literary critic and writer Fatih Altuğ will have a conversation based on Tanpınar’s Istanbul and discuss the interactions between the city, surfaces and literature in terms of their transformative effect on each other. They will explore the layers of time that bring forth the city’s unique texture and perception by tracing the words frequently used by Tanpınar. They will talk about how Bingöl interprets this literary sensibility through ceramics and how she translates a sense of past time into clay material.

Deniz Üster (Glasgow) & Gürçim Yılmaz (İstanbul) – A Pluralistic Utopia: A Walking City Between Brutalism and Ecology
Artist Deniz Üster and writer Gürçim Yılmaz will discuss their collaborative work Citadel and explain its creation, layers and transformation within the context of its third stopover at Depo. Drawing inspiration from the neo-futurist urban projects of avant-garde architecture groups such as Archigram and Superstudio and Ron Herron’s idea of the “Walking City”, Üster and Yılmaz reimagine concepts like urban space, post-capitalism, automation, sedentary life/ nomadism within the framework of the urgencies of 21st century. Highlighting the visual and intellectual references in the project, Üster will discuss the transformation of her Citadel sculpture, which she produced with a brutalist and ecologist approach in 2018, into a series of “bricolages” in this exhibition, while Yılmaz will explain the cyclical story of neo-nomadic people living in Citadels.

Linda Boļšakova (Riga) & Gökhan Deniz (Antalya) – Ophrys lycia and Semina futuri: On Future Life Cycles and Coexistence
Artist Linda Boļšakova and scientist Dr. İ. Gökhan Deniz will have a conversation about their collaborative Semina futuri project, which is based on the endangered Lycian Kaş Orchid (Ophrys lycia) that is endemic to Antalya Province. As a part of her larger series of work with the same title, the work envisions a possible co-existence between plants and humans in the future. Dr. Deniz from the Association for the Conservation of Antalya Orchids and Biodiversity, will talk about the life cycles of the orchid, their status as critically endangered species and their role as indicators of biodiversity and ecosystem health. The speakers will then discuss how these ideas informed Boļšakova’s project and the collaborative process behind it.

Burçak Bingöl, born in Görele and raised in Ankara, has completed her art education on PhD level in the Fine Arts Faculty at Hacettepe University, Ankara. She also completed programs on Music at Ankara State Conservatory between 1985-91 and studied Photography at New School, New York in 2009. She realized eight solo shows in New York, Ankara, Istanbul and Berlin and was part of many group shows in Turkey and abroad, including A Good Neighbour, 15th Istanbul Biennial. As a curator, she organized four exhibitions in Ankara and Istanbul.   She participated in various artist residency programs at Cité des Arts, Paris; Hunter College, New York and IASPIS, Stockholm and Gate 27, Ayvalık. Her works are in many public and private collections in the US, Europe, the Middle and Far East, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; 21C Museum, Kentucky; Salsali Private Museum, Dubai; Baksı Museum, Bayburt, Turkey; MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland. She currently lives and works in İstanbul.

Fatih Altuğ, completed his undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees at Boğaziçi University Turkish Language and Literature Department. He was a member of the editorial board of Yeni Yazı, Mizan and Kritik journals. He is the author of “Kapalı İktisat Açık Metin” (Everest Publications) on Selim İleri’s novella “Kapalı İktisat”. He edited the following books: “Tanzimat ve Edebiyat: Osmanlı İstanbul’unda Modern Edebi Kültür”; (İş Bankası Publications, co-editor: Mehmet Fatih Uslu), “Standartlar Nasıl İşler?”; (Küre Publications, co-editor: Ebru Kayaalp). His articles on authors such as Leylâ Erbil, Sevim Burak, Tomris Uyar, Orhan Koçak, Nurdan Gürbilek, Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil, Namık Kemal, Sait Faik Abasıyanık, Sabahattin Ali have appeared in various journals and edited books. He worked at Koç University, İstanbul Şehir University, and Mainz Johannes Gutenberg University. He is the editor-in-chief of Monograf journal.

Deniz Üster is a Glasgow-based multidisciplinary artist/researcher previously presented at ICA (London), !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival, and Sabancı Museum (Istanbul), amongst others. She received awards and commissions internationally towards residencies and production of new work, and exhibited in South Korea, UAE, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Turkey, UK, Italy, Chile, Azerbaijan, Finland and Germany.  Üster’s practice-based research engages with utopian fiction, a genre which can depict how societies could function differently, while examining implications of ethical principles. She explores, articulates and evaluates challenging ideas about social relationships and political-economic systems, while collaboratively creating counter-narratives for oppressive circumstances with Gürçim Yılmaz. She continues to produce her work at her studio, based at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

Gürçim Yılmaz is a writer, editor, and a researcher in cultural studies. Born in Hannover, Germany, she grew up in Ankara, and currently lives and writes in Istanbul. She completed her degree in Communications at Ankara University and her Master’s Degree on Media & Cultural Studies at METU in Ankara. In 2015, she was a writer in residence in Barcelona at Jiwar Creation & Society and she has been contributing to art projects with concept development and narrative-writing since 2017. Yılmaz works as a journalist for national newspapers, TV channels, publishing companies, and also as a communications expert, editor, translator and writer. Her articles and fictional stories were published in various magazines and newspapers.

Linda Boļšakova is a multidisciplinary, research-based artist working in the fields of installation, performance, photography and creative writing. Her practice explores human relations with the environment and draws parallels between human embodiment and other material embodiments, especially those of plants. It aims to expose these connections and participate in developing a stronger sense of belonging to ecosystems and to the larger community of beings that mutually inhabit our planet. She studied contemporary art practice philosophy and photography in Scotland. She has participated in various group shows and international conferences as well as residencies and summer schools.

Dr. İ. Gökhan Deniz graduated from the Biology Department of Akdeniz University’s Arts and Science Faculty in 1999. He completed his master thesis “A Research on the Flora of Elmalı Cedar Research Forest (Antalya)” in the same department in 2003. He completed his Ph.D. thesis titled “A Taxonomic Investigation on Ophrys L. (Orchidaceae) Species in Antalya” in 2009. He worked as a research assistant in the Biology Department of The Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences between 2000 and 2009. He has introduced five new plant species to science. He continues his studies on plant taxonomy, ecological education, and critically endangered plant species as an Assistant Professor in Antalya University’s Faculty of Education, Department of Biological Education. Dr. Deniz also works as the chairman of the Association for the Conservation of Antalya Orchids and Biodiversity (CAOB), which was established with the aim to develop projects for the conservation of threatened species and habitats.

The conversations between Burçak Bingöl & Fatih Altuğ and Deniz Üster & Gürçim Yılmaz will be in Turkish, and conversation between Linda Boļšakova & Gökhan Deniz will be in English.

The event will be online, please register through this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwrc–vrzwjE9Ln6er57-o5kjlRqu4MLPTW


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