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The Garden of (Not) Forgetting: Talk with Kurt Heilbronn “On Journey”

22/05/2021 @ 17:00 - 18:00

22 May 2021, Saturday, 5 pm
Dilşad Aladağ and Eda Aslan will have an online conversation with Kurt Heilbronn, the son of Alfred Heilbronn who was one of the founders of the Alfred Heilbronn Botanical Garden that the exhibition “The Garden of (not) Forgetting” is based on, and of Mehpare Başarman Heilbronn, one of the leading women professors of Istanbul University Institute of Botanics.
“A collective journey may only begin with mutual trust so that new paths can be found, bonds formed and things learned. The Garden of (not) Forgetting is an ongoing journey that began at and focused on the Alfred Heilbronn Botanical Garden. As the project branched out, many stops were made and numerous people were included. During this process, Kurt Heilbronn has been one of our long-time companions; from Istanbul to Frankfurt, then to Münster and back to Istanbul, many stops were made and revisited.
Kurt Heilbronn was born in 1951 in a house at Bebek, Istanbul and touched water for the first time at the Bosphorus. After having learned to speak and read in Istanbul, he immigrated to his father’s hometown in Germany at an early age. After spending his childhood years in Kassel and Münster, he built his life in two different houses, two languages and two homelands, between Frankfurt and Istanbul. Kurt Heilbronn still works as a psychotherapist and continues commuting between these two cities.
On May 22, we will talk about our journey and what we observed on the road with him. This will be an open conversation about how Kurt Heilbronn got involved in the Garden of (not) Forgetting, and what the paths, channels and connections established on this journey mean to him.”
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17:00 - 18:00
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