Red Thread Issue 6 is online: “Remembering In Circles”

Red Thread Issue 6 is online!
Remembering In Circles

Edited by: Erden Kosova

Contributors: Archiv der Flucht, Didem Danış, Besim Can Zırh, Sema Erder, Pieter Verstraete, Melis Cankara, Seçil Yersel, Sema Aslan

The new issue of Red Thread focuses on post-migrant social formations and the production of memory in relation with the experience of displacement. Remembering In Circles includes texts on the experiences of migrants from Turkey who have settled in Germany both on the occasion of the 1961 Recruitment Agreement and in consequence of the recent political atmosphere in Turkey, as well as touching upon the political debates that have come along with the recent massive-scale migration Turkey has received.

Red Thread Issue 6 aims to expand on the discussion initiated with the Thorn Shelter exhibition held at Depo on the 60th anniversary of the bilateral Recruitment Agreement between Turkey and Germany.

Excerpt from the editorial text:

In our daily lives, we are facing with the increasingly intensifying implications of migration, and we are witnessing an increase in the number of researches and cultural productions on this phenomenon. Within this rapidly expanding field, we hope that our 6th issue will contribute to comparative research on experiences in different geographical contexts.

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