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Ashery & Sansour – Falafel Road

14/01/2011 @ 08:00 - 27/02/2011 @ 17:00

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14 January – 27 February 2011

Ashery and Sansour are delighted to present Falafel Road in DEPO, Istanbul. For the first time, the outcomes of their 3 years collaborative process will be shown in one location as a solo exhibition, providing a space to reflect on the project as a whole.

Ashery, born in Israel, and Sansour, born in Palestine, have been working together with clear intentions to create unique and discursive modes of cultural and artistic resistance to the occupation of Palestine.

In DEPO, Falafel Road will feature the experimental graphic novel The Novel of Nonel and Vovel, (Charta, 2009), featuring the story of the duo, as they become first time super-heroes in a bid to save Palestine.

Also on show and inspired by Dante’s Inferno and Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights is the triptych Nonel and Vovel’s Inferno, (6×3 meters). The Inferno is a photographic, 2D and 3D digital and drawing collage charting the landscape of the occupation in the image of hell. The triptych is accompanied by a printed Viewer’s Guide, made especially for this show.

Lastly, this exhibition will feature newly edited 20 short videos from the residency Falafel Road. The videos are raw documents of 20 meals, in 20 falafel eateries, that were open to the public and took place in London 2010. Each conversation was provoked by the initial question of whether Israel stole the falafel from the Palestinians. The videos act as direct testimonies to the contested notion of the falafel being one of Israel’s prized national dish. The meals, at once intense and funny, touch on subjects such as cultural colonialism, Palestinian food and cultural history, education in Palestinian and Israeli schools, the relationships between Ashery and Sansour, Orientalism, language and terminology.

The opening night will be a quiz night, where small groups will be asked to describe on paper the scenes presented in Nonel and Vovel’s Inferno. There will be a prize for the winning team.


Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour have been working together since 2007 under the names of Nonel and Vovel. Nonel and Vovel are typos of the word – novel. During this time they have published the experimental and critically acclaimed graphic novel The Novel of Nonel and Vovel, (Charta, 2009), they have created numerous public platforms for discussions, performances and screenings at public spaces that have included: Tate Modern, Brooklyn Museum, Serpentine Gallery Edgware Road Project, Iniva, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center. The public interactive residency Falafel Road, with the Live Art Development Agency and Artsadmin has taken place in 20 falafel eateries across London during 2010. Ashery and Sansour took part in various exhibitions and conferences that have included: The Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, with Joseph Massad, Reem Fadda and Galit Eilat; in Birkbeck College, London, at a psycho political resistance conference with psychologists and psychiatrists working with mental health and trauma in Gaza and Palestine, with Eyad el Sarraj, Sami Owaida, Mohamad Mukhaimar and Mohamed Altawil. In the book fair Published and be Damned. Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, Goldsmiths College, Redrawn Boundaries, and Fall Out in Gammel Holtegaard, Copenhagen.

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 icon-file-text A Partial Guide to the Occupation of Palestine

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İki süper kahramanın çözemediği mesele

Falafel İsrail’in mi, Filistinlilerin mi?

Falafel Yolu Sergisi
TVNET Gündem Sanat

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14/01/2011 @ 08:00
27/02/2011 @ 17:00
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Depo İstanbul
DEPO / Tütün Deposu Lüleci Hendek Caddesi No.12 Tophane
İstanbul, 34425 Turkey
+90 (212) 292 39 56 - 57